Cover Reveal: Thief in the Castle (NEW CVOER!!!)

Thief in the Castle has a brand new, beautiful cover!

(No, this is not an April Fool’s things. This is a legit cover.)

There is nothing wrong with the old cover. It was beautiful, and I still have the poster I had made on my wall. I mean, the blues and yellows are amazing! *cough* Sorry, I got a little nerdy there.

My publishers and I decided that the old cover, while pretty, is outdated in comparison to the YA Fantasy comp titles that are being published right now.

Oddly enough, I had been thinking about my pen name for a while, and this proved to be the best opportunity to move forward with both an updated cover and a new pen name.

I’m hoping this new cover will boost my sales. They haven’t been terrible, but they could be better. Especially with Stars and Bones book 3, Dreams in the Snow, coming out this summer. I’m excited.

Feel like checking out Thief in the Castle? Here’s a nifty Amazon link. Feel like reviewing it? Contact me; I can hook you up with a review copy.

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