2021 In Books

OK, this year has sucked for most people. It hasn’t been all bad, at least not for me. My sales have been decent (as in I’ve had a few) and I’ve started a few new projects. I saw the publication of Stars and Bones 3, Dreams in the Snow. I worked through my publisher’s edits for my next book, Strong as Steel. I joined TikTok. I made work friends.

But it is time to name my favorite reads of 2021.

1. Serpent and Dove

2. A Curse so Dark and Lonely

3. From Blood and Ash

4. Glint

Yeah, I have a type. It’s fantasy with strong romantic elements, magic, and kicking female leads. Also twisty plots.

These books were all the first in series that I love loved. From Blood and Ash and Glint are still ongoing, I devoured the Serpent and Dove trilogy, and I’m currently reading the final book in the Cursebreaker trilogy.

So, there are the books I loved the most in 2021. Here’s to the new books and series and characters and authors I’ll find in 2022.

[clinking imaginary champagne flute like I’m some fancy pants who buys anything other than $10 wine]

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